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Seattle Mortgage

Seattle Mortgage

Why Choose SMB For Your Seattle Mortgage:

We're known at SMB for giving our customers an extensive variety of alternatives, beginning with standard, conventional mortgages. We enable home purchasers to acquire typical mortgages; and actually, we are one of the first in the loaning business to offer 1% down with a 2% value support. For home purchasers, this implies their 1% up front installment is matched with our financial specialists' endowment of 2%, permitting purchasers 3% value at the time of closing. To qualify, you'll require 700+ FICO, 43% max DTI. We offer extraordinary low rates on our typical mortgages and can close in 30 days or less in most cases. Learn more about our Conventional 1% Down with Equity Boost Loan by visiting us online and checking out our video section.

Beside our wide range of standard mortgage alternatives, we are additionally ready to offer FHA advances to our customers with 0% down. This offers our home purchaser accomplices the most reduced up front installment alternative, a great rate of interest, and a unique jump on building value. Our restrictive FHA 0% Down credit includes a first home loan of 96.5%, optional financing for 3.5% is consequently connected upon the first home loan endorsement. We can credit up to $592,250 with this advance and the 0% down is accessible for customers in any pay range. Visit us online to take a closer look at this and our other FHA credit choices, including our FHA Streamline that is accessible for customers with no base FICO necessity.

If you’ve served in the military, we are proud to offer several options to say thank-you for your service. Our VA Prime Loan is accessible to our military clients who have a FICO score of 550 or above, and furnishes 100% credit to an incentive with a point of confinement of $424,100. We can even forgo your financing charge on this credit if you are considered 10% or more disabled in accordance to the military.

At Seattle Mortgage Brokers, we take a lot of pride in our notoriety for being a standout amongst the most reliable home loan specialists in the district. We do not just endeavor to improve our local community through our loaning endeavors, we work with villages and communities over the globe to enable immature zones to develop nourishment to encourage families and enhance the dirt conditions in regions where crops are basic to the livelihood of those living in the locale. See our 'Why SMB' segment to understand our efforts in African communities. Find out more about Seattle, WA loans by clicking our 'Loan Products' connection.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists at Seattle Mortgage Brokers if you’d like to discuss a mortgage. Use the resources online to apply for a loan on our website, or call an SMB agent to walk you through the process. Give us a chance to utilize the assets of our tremendous lender network to enable you to get the subsidizing you need to purchase the home of your dreams, or refinance under terms that better fit your budget. We believing in providing our clients with a service we like to call ‘lending with a purpose’. Work with us to see why we are a standout among our peers.

Seattle Mortgage

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