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First-time home buyer 

Do you want to know if you can buy a home? Stop procrastinating! Start the process now. If you can pay rent, then you can buy a house. You can pay the same amount you pay in rent as a mortgage payment in your new home. Your down payment can be as little as the security deposit and first month rent you paid to move into your rental. At AATRE, we are All About Texas Real Estate! We will hold your hands and help you throughout the process of owning your first home and beyond. Let’s get you started today.

Upgrading/Second home/ Previous homeowners 

Have you outgrown that house? Or do you need to downsize? We will help you buy a bigger or smaller home of your choice that will best fit your needs.  Are you interested in an investment portfolio? Give us a call, and let’s talk. Too many Real Estate companies out there may promise you results, but here at AATRE, we are All About Texas Real Estate… “We put our money where our mouth is.” We are real estate “umbrella” company! We’ve got you covered!

Home rental

Are you relocating? or just new in the State of Texas? We understand that looking for a home to buy immediately while not familiar with an area may be challenging. Would you rather rent for a year or two before making that big decision to buy? We can help you through that. We are AATRE; all about Texas real estate. That’s not just our name! That’s who we are!


For whatever reason you want to sell your home; AATRE can help. We are All About Texas Real estate! We know the Texas market. Let us help you!

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